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Value Added Services

Procurement & Supply Chain

We understand the importance of providing quality materials and ingredients efficiently and at competitive prices.

Through consolidated purchasing of preservatives and commonly used sweeteners, we are able to provide significant cost savings to our customers. Our Supply Chain team continuously analyzes market prices and projections for commodities, building alliances with key industry leading suppliers.


Business Systems

As our company has experienced tremendous growth in the past decade we realized the need to implement business systems to better serve our customer’s needs. We employ leading business systems to manage finished goods, raw materials and packaging inventory, materials requirement planning, purchasing and real time reporting.

  • Inventory Control: manage ingredients, packaging and finished goods inventory across multiplewarehouses; track stock by bin location, lot and by customer
  • Production Management: Manage orders based on material requirements planning
  • Purchasing: Automate procurement – from purchase order through vendor invoice
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence: provides access to data in order to create new reports andcustomize existing ones with integration with Crystal Reports.

To further expand on our SAP resources, in 2011 we integrated a state of the art scanning system thatcorresponds to our SAP to better serve our customer’s inventory management needs and trackmovement of materials, ingredients, and finished product in live time. This system provides us withcomplete and total traceability of raw materials, packaging and finished goods.